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National Sea Trout Evening

Sea Trout Report Friday 16th June: It is with pleasure I hosted 5 rods who took Fish Pal and the Jedburgh Angling associations offer of an evening’s sea trout fishing on the River Teviot. All of the rods had fly fished before but for three of them this was a first outing for sea trout. With reports of sea trout in the system and having seen a few in the preceding days sploshing about and with the evening warmer than the night before I was hopeful the team would have some action. The action started early with a rod hooking and landing a trout first cast, one of a couple caught through the evening. We also saw a few salmon in the pools early on which is encouraging. As the evening went on we had one sea trout lost at the net, or rather lack of net as the rod had dropped it getting into the pool luckily it was retrieved followed by a hard hit in some faster water. Finally we had an on/off with a larger fish taking line almost as it got dark but again alas it escaped fairly quickly. So even though we can’t record any landed or photos of some monster Teviot sea trout we did have a bit of action and a fun evening. I hope that this national sea trout evening will catch on to encourage us to visit new water and introduce more people to the most exciting fishing that can be found on a UK river.

Thank you to Jedburgh Angling Association and Fish pal for setting this up.

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