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Charlie Brownlow has been fishing in the UK for the last 32 plus years catching his first salmon on the fly when he was 9 and since then he has never looked back. He has been fortunate enough to fish many Scottish Salmon rivers with the Northern and Hebridean spate rivers being his fishing classroom as a boy and teenager.  Charlie is also a level 2 angling trust fishing coach.

For the last 15 years he has been  providing guests to Scotland with some of the most exclusive and elusive fishing, stalking and shooting holidays. Whilst developing unique sporting trips he also runs the unique sporting holidays on the Royal Scotsman train, Majestic Line cruise ships and much more.

"We like to think outside the box and very happy to develop ideas for our guests using our extensive connections and portfolio of estates and providers"  

Upcycled wader products
produced in Kelso, Scottish Borders using leaky waders that can not be repaired. Charlie decided to utilise old wader material when it became apparent that most waders no matter how new if they leaked end up either being shredded by the manufacturer, shop or owner and sent to landfill.

''I cant claim to be an environmental angel but it is a crime given the number of waders we go through as a nation every year (the numbers will surprise you!). Not only this but it is a waste of good material''  

The waders are stripped and cleaned before Sarah creates these amazing products for FinhunterUK. Each product is hand sown by Sarah, due to each wader being different sizes and make the products themselves vary in size and shape. 

Photos Sarah Farnsworth

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