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RIVER RATS Help Wanted!

FinhunterUK are looking for individuals and business partners to help launch our new River Rat project.

River Rats: We have designed a new draw string bag made form upcycled waders. The bag scrunches up into a ball to fit a pocket. The idea is once you have finished fishing, kayaking, wild swimming or simply walking you take your bag and fill it with litter.

We hope to have an exhibition of art work created by our River Rats from river litter in 2019 with prizes for entries from different age groups. 

What we need from you:

Industry Partners – Looking for a partner to be a part of this project and hopefully get the message out there.
Individuals – We need you old waders to make these bags! We will be collecting your old waders at the game fair from Clare Brownlow’s stand and we can take delivery. –


Best way to transport or send is to cut feet off and then bring to the game fair or send via post. C/O Charlie Brownlow
Deanburn, Denholm, Hawick, Scotland TD9 8NX

The bag will be available to buy on line as soon as we have the stock ready.

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